• Security and Health

    An Electronic Intensive Care Unit support center can provide care to patients in multiple hospitals. The goal of an eICU initiative is to optimize clinical expertise and facilitate 24-hour-a-day care by ICU caregivers, whether the caregivers are down the hall from the patient that's being monitored or in another city.

  • eICU

    An Electronic Intensive Care Unit (eICU) is a form of telemedicine that uses state of the art technology to provide an additional layer of critical care service. An eICU may also be referred to as a tele-ICU.

  • Marine Security

    Marine Protection Services provide bespoke, flexible and cost effective security solutions to vessels transiting the areas of the world affected by piracy and terrorism.

  • Quick Reaction Force

    That is capable of rapid response to developing situations. They are to have equipment ready, to respond to any type of emergency, typically within ten minutes or less, although this is based on unit Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

  • Car alarm system

    Cars have been a natural target for thieves: They are valuable, reasonably easy to resell and they have a built-in getaway system.

  • Always here for you

    Whatever the nature of your business, Fodey security can provide a range of solutions, that will meet the needs of your business.

  • Security team Meeting

    It's vital to have the right security team in place and to ensure the consistency and quality of the security service provided.

  • Our team

    Our team has the skills, experience and dedication to meet all your security and protection needs. Specializing in physical security, our expert staff have been called upon by governments and corporations around the world to undertake a wide variety of protection projects covering both individual sites and entire cities.

  • Electric gate

    Electric gates are an easy way to ensure the security of private premises and can be used for all sized properties. Electric gates, though not very commonplace at the moment, have found their niche in the market today. For those who find the security of their premises (be it residential or commercial) important, electric gates are the way to go.

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With 16 years of experience providing in East Africa

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Live footage accessed in our control room

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Qualified alarm response with medical first aid

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Automatic Gates

Intersec Security Company offers a range of sliding and swing gate operators for domestic and light industrial applications use in Rwanda. The accessories include remote controls wheel kit, steel rack and the battery charged via a main electricity supply. The rechargeable battery is capable of storing power up to three days in case of power cuts. The system can easily be turned back to manual in a matter of minutes in case the need arises, making it very reliable. This also eliminates the needs for late night hooting particularly for residential areas where it is very disturbing for neighbors.



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